The new way to hydrate,
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Reimagining the water fountain
to enable brands to connect with sustainable consumers


without the waste

We deploy cutting-edge solutions for sustainable hydration.
Our HydroStation is a smart-city water fountain, and we’re working with leading events, cities, venues, airports + more to bring them within a 5 minute walk from you, across the globe.

We’re transforming how we interact with life’s most precious resource & powering our future through clean & sustainable hydration.

We're building a global network of HydroStations

Indoor model: Appia

Bring your own bottle

Our Flagship HydroStation model - designed for indoor locations and events.

Outdoor model: benoi

Bring your own bottle

Our outdoor HydroStation model - rugged and built to withstand all of the outdoor elements.



Riding the wave

As a registered B Corp, we’re focused on addressing impact and equity as we scale. We’re building a global model where every refill helps address those in biggest need. This includes working with our partners to identify and address areas of greatest need and how we can pair them with the impact from our high-profile launches.


Despite its importance to life, water access is one of the last industries to go through a major technological transformation. We’re creating the space & sharing the resources to start the hydration revolution.

It's powered by cutting-edge technology. And sponsored by a team of innovative partners.

We're building a global network of HydroStations

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